joi, 5 mai 2011

League of Legends Tips &Tricks

In this post i will tell you some tips and tricks from League of Legends.
  • Brushes cand be used to escape because your enemmy have no ideea witch way you are heading after entering the brush. If you use it in ingenious ways and unexpected ways the enemy will lose you.
  • Escape Spells. There are champion with thells that helps you escape. Sivir's Spell Shield helps you deni any stun, slow, fear, entagle, that enemy can cast on you. Tryndamere's Spinning Slash can help you win some distance between you and the enemy but most important is tha t you can pass trought terrain. There are some other spells that help you pass over terrain like Jax leap Strike, Katarina's Shump. Tristana's Rocket Jump, and others
  • Recall Baiting. This is a very simple baiting that can help you get a few early kills and can also be used in late game. You simply press the B button to recall and when the enemy see that you recall they will be tempted to atack you, but in fact you are very carefull and ready to land your spells on the enemy.