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sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2011

Leauge of Legends Guide 2

BRUSH is a very important system that is unique to league of legends. It is a tall grass that gives you champion instant invisibility. Another champion CAN NOT see you untill it enter the brush. Brush can be used to efectivly plan ganks and ambush other players. If you are on one side of the brush and the enemy is on the other side you can not see him, even if he is not in the brush. Here is an example of using the brush in a very efficient way. Ashe is fighting with Taric. They both have low HP And if Taric manages to Launch a Dazzel on Ashe he will die. Ashe enter the brush and Taric can no longer sees her. When Taric enters the brush, Ashe's Cooldown are down and she can launch her ultimate on him and win the fight. Now abount countering the brush, i call it Brush Check, it is the procedure in witch you launch a skillshot (champion spells that dosen't need a specific target and can pass trought terrain) in the brush and see if you hit a champion, but be carefull some skillshots are harder to reconize if they hit a champino, the easyest way is to listen and see if there is a impact sound. or see if the skill shot dosent go all the way to the specified point. Brushes can also be check by invisible champinos.

vineri, 29 aprilie 2011

League of Legends Guide 1

CHOSING LANES. Another important phasae of League of Legends is chosing with who you want to lane. but be carefull that you champs matches and can do lots of stuff togheter. The best thing is a ranged champ with a tank or melle champ. Mid lane should always be taken by carry champs since they level up and get money faster in mid lane. A healer, a tank , a melle DPS should NEVER be mid or the game will be a loss. Here are some tips for lanes. Taric(paladin) with any melle and ranged DPS. Alistar with any ranged and melle DPS. Nidalee with Tryndamere. Just be sure that you never have tank with tank mell dps with melle dps. Also be carefull to chose your enemies well because some champs just can counter other chmps. Example in your lane there are 2 ranged(1 suport 1DPS) Tryndamere will be verry veryy weak is dosent farm minions too well so youd better go in a lane with only 1 or no-one ranged. To Be Continued.

joi, 28 aprilie 2011

League of Legends Guide 0

First you should read Team Guide: League of Legends. Now as soon as you enter the game you need to buy items with the 475 gold that you have for spending there are 3 items that fullfill most stats for diferent champion tip. First one and most used is Doran's Shield that gives you 120HP 10Armor 8HP regen/5sec used by tank and bruiser(high HP champs that can still inflict much damage. Second one is Doran,s Blade that gives you 100HP 10Damage 3% Lifesteal used by DPS champs or asasins. Third onde is Doran,s Ring that gives you 100HP 5MP regen/5 sec. 15Ability Power the ring is used by casters althou if there is a caster that need early game survivability its recomanded to buy something else. There are ofcourse other starting items that you can buy at a lower price and still have money for a consumable or two.

miercuri, 27 aprilie 2011

To Be Released Games

Name. Gen. Launch Date. Distributor.
Shift2: Unleashed Racing Sim 24th March 2011 Electronics Arts
Reresistance 3 FPS. September 2011 Scee
Alice Madness Returns Action. 14 June 2011 Electronics Arts
Red Faction Armageddib Action 31 May 2011 THQ
The Elder Scrools V Skyrim Action RPG 11 November Bethesda

marți, 26 aprilie 2011

John Romero leaving his past behind.

After creating some games studios (some of them already dead) is one of the creator who gave us the most Blood&Gore games like Doom abd Quake announced that he will stop producing any hardcore game that includes blood&gore. He's newly created LootDrop is a company who will create games for social networcks especialy Facebook.
Au Revoir Blood&Gore.

Team Guide: League of Legends.

League of Legends is a team based game in witch you chose your champion and play. But watch out because you always need to fully fill your team need and not only your to get kills and others. So for example if you'r team are only nukers, dps, mages, asasins, be sure that you will chose a tank or you will lose. A very good team build is this one http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/team/724-pro-team-guide-suggestion-gt-gt-1600elo-variable-setup-by-indilol-updated.xhtml source:( www.leaguecraft.com )

www.leagueoflegends.com if you wanna play.

League of Legends

League of Legends is an arena PvP based game. There are 2 game modes. One of them is 5 vs 5 played on a 3 lanes map. The other one is 3 vs 3 played on a 2 lanes map. On the 5 vs 5 map there are 3 towers that need to be destroyed in order to destroy an INHIBITOR. after you destroy the inhibitor your team will spawn super minions but only on the lane in witch the inhibitor was destroyed. After the inhibitor was destroyed the NEXUS will become vulnerable. Destroy the nexus and you will win the game. League of Legends currently have 73 playable champions with new one coming every 2 weeks. League of Legends also features a powerfull meta-game, Where you can discuss with your friends, manage the new Rune system and masteries system that increases your in-game stats for the champion.