joi, 28 aprilie 2011

League of Legends Guide 0

First you should read Team Guide: League of Legends. Now as soon as you enter the game you need to buy items with the 475 gold that you have for spending there are 3 items that fullfill most stats for diferent champion tip. First one and most used is Doran's Shield that gives you 120HP 10Armor 8HP regen/5sec used by tank and bruiser(high HP champs that can still inflict much damage. Second one is Doran,s Blade that gives you 100HP 10Damage 3% Lifesteal used by DPS champs or asasins. Third onde is Doran,s Ring that gives you 100HP 5MP regen/5 sec. 15Ability Power the ring is used by casters althou if there is a caster that need early game survivability its recomanded to buy something else. There are ofcourse other starting items that you can buy at a lower price and still have money for a consumable or two.

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