vineri, 29 aprilie 2011

League of Legends Guide 1

CHOSING LANES. Another important phasae of League of Legends is chosing with who you want to lane. but be carefull that you champs matches and can do lots of stuff togheter. The best thing is a ranged champ with a tank or melle champ. Mid lane should always be taken by carry champs since they level up and get money faster in mid lane. A healer, a tank , a melle DPS should NEVER be mid or the game will be a loss. Here are some tips for lanes. Taric(paladin) with any melle and ranged DPS. Alistar with any ranged and melle DPS. Nidalee with Tryndamere. Just be sure that you never have tank with tank mell dps with melle dps. Also be carefull to chose your enemies well because some champs just can counter other chmps. Example in your lane there are 2 ranged(1 suport 1DPS) Tryndamere will be verry veryy weak is dosent farm minions too well so youd better go in a lane with only 1 or no-one ranged. To Be Continued.

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