marți, 26 aprilie 2011

League of Legends

League of Legends is an arena PvP based game. There are 2 game modes. One of them is 5 vs 5 played on a 3 lanes map. The other one is 3 vs 3 played on a 2 lanes map. On the 5 vs 5 map there are 3 towers that need to be destroyed in order to destroy an INHIBITOR. after you destroy the inhibitor your team will spawn super minions but only on the lane in witch the inhibitor was destroyed. After the inhibitor was destroyed the NEXUS will become vulnerable. Destroy the nexus and you will win the game. League of Legends currently have 73 playable champions with new one coming every 2 weeks. League of Legends also features a powerfull meta-game, Where you can discuss with your friends, manage the new Rune system and masteries system that increases your in-game stats for the champion.

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