sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2011

Leauge of Legends Guide 2

BRUSH is a very important system that is unique to league of legends. It is a tall grass that gives you champion instant invisibility. Another champion CAN NOT see you untill it enter the brush. Brush can be used to efectivly plan ganks and ambush other players. If you are on one side of the brush and the enemy is on the other side you can not see him, even if he is not in the brush. Here is an example of using the brush in a very efficient way. Ashe is fighting with Taric. They both have low HP And if Taric manages to Launch a Dazzel on Ashe he will die. Ashe enter the brush and Taric can no longer sees her. When Taric enters the brush, Ashe's Cooldown are down and she can launch her ultimate on him and win the fight. Now abount countering the brush, i call it Brush Check, it is the procedure in witch you launch a skillshot (champion spells that dosen't need a specific target and can pass trought terrain) in the brush and see if you hit a champion, but be carefull some skillshots are harder to reconize if they hit a champino, the easyest way is to listen and see if there is a impact sound. or see if the skill shot dosent go all the way to the specified point. Brushes can also be check by invisible champinos.

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